Usakose double-edged sword ~ Saber

Saber, our mellow Aussie liver nosed boy from Sharron Taylor, formerly in Queensland, Australia, now located in Tasmania, Usakose Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Saber had already been shown in a few puppy shows in Australia before he arrived in Texas at age 4 months. He was a cool dude at the dog shows, kind of bored with it all. He had a wicked sense of humor, and could always find the ONE thing you did not want him to have and were willing to chase him for. Nothing much ruffled his feathers, he took everything in stride. 

His breeder's husband was a veterinarian who always had a variety of animals in his care, so Saber was raised around wildlife of all sorts. I appreciate the care his breeder took in introducing him to all variety of situations, and his laid back temperament was a testament to that. 


Saber was co-owned by a veterinarian, and at the age of seven went to live with a friend of hers, retired from the show ring. He sired one litter with Selah, one litter with Devash and one litter under his co-owner's care. 

Saber was our one ridgeback who truly loved water. We teased that we thought he might actually be part labrador. He also loved the laser light and would chase it as long as you were willing to play the game with him. He loved the ladies and his best friend was Bo. 

Saber has many award winning liver nose ridgebacks in his pedigree, and his genes will be brought back into our breeding program through his grandson, Turkana (Legendz Lake Turkana) who lives in New Mexico.