We began our search for a show potential Rhodesian Ridgeback after we moved to the Texas Hill Country. Up to that point, our ridgebacks had always come from a friend of the family, a South African, who, as a former Olympic swimmer, had been coached by my Grandfather in South Africa and later raised his family in Texas. My eyes and heart kept being drawn to the European ridgebacks. I started studying a line and followed it out to a German breeder, Anke van Wyk, (Heshima Ya Kimba Rhodesian Ridgebacks) who had married a South African ridgeback breeder (Arno van Wyk, Karoskloof Rhodesian Ridgebacks) and moved her kennel to Port Elizabeth South Africa. I just missed her last litter, so remained on her waiting list for a year and a half until her next litter. 

We were able to get pick puppy, a beautiful dark little girl, Heshima ya Kimba Fisela-fika, "Selah". Selah wasn't crazy about the show ring, but she did well, missing just a couple of points on her championship. We didn't breed her until she was five, and she whelped three beautiful litters. One with Saber, Usakose Double-edged Sword, and two with Zeke, Rich-Rach Zik the African Legend. 


Selah's loves were: squeaky toys, puppies, children, toy breeds that look like puppies, being a mom and FOOD. A shameless food hound ~ no shame in grabbing anything off the counter or out of a child's hand.

Her dislikes:  rain, baths, having her nails trimmed, dog shows,  or bossy dogs. 

Selah's puppy picture is on our logo, taken by her breeder, who is also an accomplished photographer.

As I studied Selah's pedigree and the dogs, behind her, I found a few blank spots. Scotty Stewart (Rhodesian Ridgeback International Foundation) was a great help in filling in the missing pieces as well as telling me about the dogs in Selah's history. As I followed her relatives, I've gained a great deal of respect for Selah's breeder and the skill and care she put into developing her line. 

Our Shadow is Selah's granddaughter, and shares most of Selah's loves, particularly squeaky toys. We are so grateful to have her back from Karolina Arevelo in Nicaragua.