glenaholm joyful dancer was half-sister to glenaholm dawn jubilation. their breeder, laurie venter had the longest ongoing rhodesian ridgeback kennel, Glenaholm, started by her mother in the 1940's. Mrs. mccarthy passed her kennel and dogs on to laurie and her business partner, norah ormerod. norah eventually brought glenaholm to the united states, while laurie kept her south african kennel going there. dawn and dancer were out of the last litters that laurie venter bred herself, and we are honored to have laurie's personal touch on the heritage of African Legends.

Dancer was moderate in size, well put together, muscular, with a beautiful head. A true African ridgeback in appearance and temperament. As Laurie told us we could expect, she loved being a mother, and passed on her great structure to the offspring from her first and only litter. She had the round, dark eyes of a Glenaholm, and beautiful movement. Dancer came from a long line of great dogs on both sides of her pedigree. We are thankful to have Chief (Legendz African Sentinel) and Aria (Legendz African Song) from two of our foundation dogs, Dancer and Zeke (Rich-Rach Zik the African Legend)

Dancer's pedigree

Dancer Pedigree

Dancer's relatives:

shangani sarula gani - great-grand-dam

shangani denga wendo of lionsriver - grand-sire

glenaholm johjo - dam

maxwood dante - sire