In 2010 we sent our very best puppy out of our Zeke x Selah litter (Legendz II) to live in Nicaragua with Karolina Arevalo, Neartmhor Kennel, now located in Managua. Afrika did very well, winning nearly all there was to win, including Best Foreign Dog of 2011, multi best in shows, multi national champion ships and multi national grand championships. When we knew Afrika had her last litter, we started praying about brining one of Selah's grand-pups back to Texas.

From the very beginning, my eye was on Miss Pink, and it never wavered. But there was a problem.. the person that owns the sire Dykumos Long Waited Amour, had first pick of the litter and he had his eye on Miss Pink and one other puppy. He chose Miss Pink. We looked at the others and tried to decide which one we might take, but could never make up our mind. Finally, I prayed, "Lord, if we are supposed to get a  puppy from this litter, the owner of the sire will change his mind and choose a different puppy. Lo and behold, at the very last minute, he changed his mind.

Next I started thinking about having to wait the full 4 months to bring a puppy into the USA (rabies shot at 3 months and then wait an additional 30 days). Again, I felt like if we were supposed to get a puppy, there would be a way around this rule. I started researching and found out you could apply to the CDC for a Permit to Confine, which is an exception to that rule. I applied and received approval the very next day. It still took a few weeks to work through the red tape in Nicaragua, but finally we were able to bring our Moonshadow ('Shadow" for short) home to Texas ag 10 1/2 weeks of age. She is a pure joy.